ENVO Next Move is a design competition organized and held by ENVO Drive, aiming to design the next generation of sustainable personal transportation. The objective is to encourage leading minds to shape the future of the electric personal transport industry in various contexts of use, ranging from navigating the city to exploring nature.

DRIZZLE – Home Appliance

Within the last two decays, the building construction and architectural-related industries have been evolved. Conceptual and designer products have been increasingly applied by leading architectures and interior designers in many featured projects across the world. Designer radiators and towel rails are one of the many examples, particularly in western countries as a newfangled and widely […]

ZIGN Design Community

 ZIGN is an online platform design research community. The idea of its founding was formed through friendly conversations of a small group. From the beginning, I was responsible for the Visual Brand design of the platform. کانسپت هویت بصری زاین که یک پلتفرم متشکل از پژوهشگران دیزاین است بر اساس یک عنصر که در فعالیت‌های […]


I designed these posters, which are actually gifts, in the Chaharbagh collection. This project includes masterpieces (icons) of design history in three categories along with the names and specifications of their designs and designers.

GPS Tracker Device

This device was designed for Carriot Startup company under the brand Crevet. The client’s request was to design the form and mold of the outer shell and the body of the electronic device with the car tracker function. The technical design and electronic boards of this device, which is installed on the car using the […]


This project was commissioned by Arsh Talai Kish Billboard Publishing Company. Gas station nozzles have the potential for advertising because of the many reviews and eyeballs that the audience has. According to the investigations, the gas station user makes eye contact with the nozzle 5 times during refueling. Using gasoline pump nozzles for advertising is […]

Engraving Device

This device is a device for engraving on metals for crafting products that work using a pneumatic mechanism. The main goal of this project was to achieve an ergonomic form that matches the user’s hand and body structure as much as possible. I collaborated in formal design and creativity, modeling, and 3D rendering in this […]

Motorcycle Helmet

This project, the final project of my bachelor’s degree, was to investigate why motorcyclists do not use helmets and to provide suggestions and solutions to encourage motorcyclists to use helmets. Based on the research conducted using a questionnaire, observation, and statistical analysis, the most significant obstacles and problems that caused not use of a helmet […]