More about me...

I was born in 1989 and grew up in Tehran. I have been interested in painting since childhood.
As a teenager, I found my talent in life drawing, cartoons, and calligraphy. When there was no internet or social networks, I used to imitate cartoons and illustrations from local print magazines.
As a teenager, I participated in charcoal drawing, academic drawing, face caricature, and calligraphy classes.

Later, through the casual reading of a car magazine, I came across something that changed my world. A field called industrial design was said to be “a bridge between art and industry.”

In 2015, I was accepted to the Iran University of Science and Technology for a Bachelor of Industrial Design.

During the years of studying at the university, I was always looking for new experiences in different fields of design and art and gained additional knowledge and skills.
Now, after about ten years of training and working in various fields of design, I am still looking for new skills and experiences.