Motorcycle Helmet

This project, the final project of my bachelor’s degree, was to investigate why motorcyclists do not use helmets and to provide suggestions and solutions to encourage motorcyclists to use helmets. Based on the research conducted using a questionnaire, observation, and statistical analysis, the most significant obstacles and problems that caused not use of a helmet are, in order, a decrease in hearing level, sweating, limited vision, heaviness of the helmet, expensiveness, and losing the helmet. , being embarrassed, being time-consuming, feeling suffocated, and messing up the hairstyle.

According to the surveys, it was found that encouraging the continuous use of helmets is achieved to a large extent by eliminating the disadvantages and problems of helmet design. The leading suggestions to accomplish this goal were:

  • Prevent hearing loss
  • Proper ventilation and preventing the heating of the interior of the hat
  • The hat is not heavy
  • Easy to move
  • Visual harmony with the overall appearance of the rider
  • Not time-consuming when using
  • Ability to wash internal components
  • Preventing the interior of the hat and mask from steaming
  • The ability to easily change the mask
Detail Designs