This project was commissioned by Arsh Talai Kish Billboard Publishing Company. Gas station nozzles have the potential for advertising because of the many reviews and eyeballs that the audience has. According to the investigations, the gas station user makes eye contact with the nozzle 5 times during refueling. Using gasoline pump nozzles for advertising is implemented in different ways worldwide and is known as “nozzle board.”

This project aimed to design a replaceable plastic cover with a place to display advertisements with the ability to be changed frequently. There are three standard nozzle models with different structures and forms in fuel stations in Iran, which need to be designed for all of them.

After the initial research and investigations, ideation was done to achieve the best design in terms of the size of the advertising space, the ease of installation and replacement of the advertisement, the simplicity of the mechanism, and the low cost of mold-making and production. Finally, three designs were selected among the existing ideas for detail design. After designing and making the mold and testing, they were produced in mass circulation and used in the stands.